Sunday, October 15, 2006

90 White Street

Page B1 of today's Danbury News-Times has a story on a city project to achieve Certified Local Government status under a National Park Service program.

"That status will allow the state Commission of Culture and Tourism to add the library [the Old Library at 256 Main Street, that is] to its state list of historic buildings. It will allow the city to set up its own Historical Commission. And it will make the city eligible for U.S. Park Service funding..."

The Old Library was one of the first entries I made in this blog. What I did not show were the murals that were painted by Bethel artist Charles Federer in the 1930s. (Possibly as a WPA project?) Unfortunately the murals are not pictured in the on-line edition of the story, so if you do not already have a copy of today's paper, I bid you visit the library tomorrow and see the photos. Better yet, visit the Danbury Music Centre offices some day and see them first-hand.

One of the buildings mentioned by Mayor Boughton as being historically important and worthy of preservation is the Meeker Hardware Building, pictured above. White Street is named for the same White family that donated the land and money to build the library at 256 Main Street. And, just because I like it so much, here is another photo of the Old Library.


MarylandYankee said...

Sharon..This is a great Blog..I grew up in Danbury...south end of town...Mountainville Avenue from 1950 till 1972 and now live in Silver Spring MD.

Thanks...I'll have fun looking back at prior posts

Sharon said...

Thank you. I'm so glad you like it! I'm having a great time doing it.

What a small world it is, especially in cyberspace. I moved to Danbury in 1972, and I now live just a couple of blocks south from where you grew up.