Saturday, October 21, 2006

238 Main Street

"The Danbury Gas-Light Company was incorporated in 1854 and went into operation in 1857 at the Danbury and Norwalk Railroad Depot. In 1913, the Danbury and Bethel Gas and Electric Company purchased this building and electrified its exterior. Built in 1891 by Danbury designer Joel Foster, the terra-cotta Victorian was sold to the Zuccas in 1965."

from Danbury. (2001) Danbury Museum & Historical Society. Arcadia Publishing. (p53)

If and when the city achieves Certified Local Government status and acquires some of those National Park Service dollars, this building would be my candidate for the first restoration project. Actually, I'd like to see this happen even sooner. Twenty or thirty years ago would have been a good time. I confess that I know nothing about construction costs for a project like this, and nothing about the state and local building codes that would have to be satisfied. Nor do I know who owns the building today. But it's still a beautiful building and worth saving, in my opinion.

Here's a closer look at the art deco script in the window.

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