Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11 Memorial

The September 11th Memorial occupies an honored position in the smaller of the two Main Street islands that comprise Elmwood Park, directly in front of the old courthouse at 71 Main Street.

The glass monument, designed with approximately the same proportions as the World Trade towers, is etched with the names of the Connecticut victims of the attacks. The memorial was dedicated two years ago today.


Mikabelle said...

As I drove by Elmwood Park this morning I was a little dismayed to see the big maple at Wooster and Main turning colors ALREADY. Gorgeous but a tad too soon for me. The memorial really is an impressive addition to this Danbury Park. FYI, you know mikabelle as CD at DPL.

Sharon said...

Hi, CD! Long time, no see!

I have mixed feelings about autumn. On the one hand, it means that winter is not far behind, and even after all these years, I'm still haven't totally accepted the realities of a New England winter. On the other hand, a good hard freeze will kill the grass, and then I won't have to mow again until next spring!

But oddly enough, even though it means we're close to the end of another year, autumn has always signified new beginnings to me. School started last week, and I'm already terror-stricken at the thought of taking three classes, but I'm also happy to be on this exciting new path.