Sunday, September 17, 2006

17-19-21 Library Place

Who needs to go to Boston or New York, when Danbury has its own classy rowhouses like these, just a few steps from Main Street? As you can guess by the address, they have a view of the side of the Old Library. Unfortunately, they also have a view of the construction of the new parking garage. Still, how cool would it be to have an address on Library Place?

Look at the details in the brickwork and the ornamentation. You won't find this kind of construction in a new apartment or condo.

I don't know if the interiors have been maintained as well as the exteriors have been, but I certainly hope so. This trio is a treasure.


Sharon said...

Here's a website on affordable housing that explains the difference between "rowhouses" and "townhouses."

These rowhouses on Library Place have a timeless quality that modern vinyl-clad townhouses can only aspire to, but never achieve.

Greg said...

I also love the row houses on Library place. One can't help thinking what it was like to live in Danbury during its hey day back in the late 1800s early 1900s.