Sunday, April 13, 2008

288 Main Street

William Webb Sunderland was a prominent local builder who, along with his son Philip, constructed Mark Twain's home "Stormfield" in Redding. In 1873, Sunderland built the the first structure to house a Danbury newspaper. The building was remodeled and expanded in 1893 and the distinctive clock tower—which unfortunately is obscured by the tree in this photo—was added. Philip Sunderland's son William Webb, named for his grandfather, designed the current News-Times building at 333 Main Street. Today the building at 288 Main Street is the home of DaSilva Real Estate. [1]

288 Main StreetI don't doubt that the newer building is more functional, but esthetically I much prefer the 1893 building, don't you? Here's a closer view of the Main Street entrance.

[1] Danbury Museum and Historical Society, Images of America: Danbury. Charleston (SC): Arcadia Publishing. 2001.

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Greg said...

I am impressed with the person who writes this blog. I appreciate your appreciation of old Danbury and it's buildings. Do you live on Main street?